CASA M100+ USB-C to USB 3.1

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Stable data transmission

Compatible with the USB 1.1 and 2.0 standards, the M100+ is a USB3.1 Gen. 1 cable supporting a maximum transmission speed of 5Gbpswhile being capable of power charging at up to 15W (at 5V/3A).

Best choice ever

For Android Phone charging and connecting with computers. Syncdata or charge your phone, the M100+ is the basic cable that gets the everyday job done.

The Essential that is Second to None

The CASA M100+ is the basic USB-C to USB-A cable for you to connect a USB Type-C device, such as a smartphone, to your laptop sporting conventional USB-A ports.


  • Strengthen connector with aluminum casing provides a strong and rm product life.
  •  Nylon braided cable and SR strengthen connectors and improve durability.
  •  Supports Max 15W(5V, 3A) charging output and up to USB 3.1Gen 2, 10Gbps data sync.
  •  Seamless USB connector provides stable data transmission.
  •  Compatible with USB 3.1Gen 1, USB2.0, and USB1.1.
  •  Adhesive strap included, say good-bye to all the mess.
  •  Light-weight and narrow aluminum connector housing reduce electromagnetic interference.
  •  Length: 39.3 inches. (100 CM)

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