M1 Adapter Mini DisplayPort to VGA

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Mini Displayport to VGA converter

Mirror your Macbook or supported iPhone/iPad to an external VGA display or projector. Works with any Mini DisplayPort & Thunderbolt including Apple TV and supports Retina. Extend your desktop like a pro with a two-screen setup or AirPlay content to a projector via Apple TV. With built-in 3.5mm audio jack to make things that little bit easier.

Colossal work

Whether it’s design, coding or assignments - sometimes you need it on a monitor. Mini DisplayPort & Thunderbolt to VGA or HDMI. Get serious work done and feel good.

Bigger presentations

Show up prepared. Convert HDMI to VGA or Thunderbolt to VGA and get hooked up to the projector in no time. You’ll be fine.


Every Mac with a Mini DisplayPort allows you to connect an external display or projector using an adapter. You can use an external display as your main workspace or to extend your desktop, or you can work in mirrored mode with a projector so you can view what your audience sees. Use the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter to connect your Mac to a standard analog monitor, projector, or LCD that uses a VGA connector or cable. Review the documentation or check with the manufacturer of your monitor to make sure you're choosing the right adapter.

"  Mid 2010 macintosh and earlier dont't support audio output. " 


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