PeAk II FLEET LMB L30BD Lightning to Micro USB Cable 90-degree

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The PeAk II FLEET LMB L30BD supports connection for your drone’s remote controller, with a Micro USB Type-A and an iOS device via lightning connector. The 90° L Type design reduces stress on the connector and provides the best hand gripping experience. It’s the most reliable companion for your DJI  drone.Facilitating Connections Exclusively designed for DJI Spark and Mavic Pro


90° L Type Design 

Provides the best hand gripping and control experience. Suitable for connecting devices.

Cable Clip Holders Included

The clips keep the cable from swaying when flying a drone, helping you enjoy your flight.

Made Up Of High Quality Nylon braided fibers

High density braided nylon supports and protects the cable when bending and swinging.

Premium Aluminum Cap

Lowers electromagnetic interference when transmitting data.

Hard As Nails 

Strengthened design for cable coating supports multiple plugging.


  • Supported Models : Remote Controller for DJI Mavic Pro(recommended) and Spark
  • Length : 30cm
  • Weight : 11g



سازنده Adam Elements
برچسب کابل و آداپتور کابل اضافی هدیه Micro USB 
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