CASA C200 USB-C to USB-C Cable

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Maximum Power We’re Talking About

The CASA C200 is a USB-C Male to USB-C Male cable compatible with all USB Type-C devices. It’s suitable for, for instance, connecting your USB-C laptop with a smartphone featuring the same port. The C200 complies with the USB 2.0 standard to offer a maximum transmission speed of 480Mbps that is sufficient to most data syncing tasks.
• USB-C to USB-C
• More convenient charging

Full speed charging

Different from many other cables, the C200 is capable of delivering charging power at the whopping 100W (20V/5A) — more than enough to charge a 15-inch MacBook Pro, which requires 87W, and other USB-C laptops at full speed.
• Support up to 20V / 5A, 100W

Best charging cable

Since it takes much longer to charge a laptop with cables supporting only lower wattages than it requires. It’s a wise choice to keep a 100W cable handy.


  • Strengthen connector with aluminum casing provides a firm and robust product life.
  • Nylon braided cable and SR strengthen connectors and improve durability.
  • Supports Max 100W(20V, 5A) charging output and USB 2.0, 480Mbps data sync.
  • Seamless USB connector provides stable data transmission.
  • Adhesive strap included, say good-bye to all the mess.
  • Supports up to 20V/5A 100W charging, compatible with MacBook Pro15" (87W) and other USB-C laptops.

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