(PeAk Duo Lightning Cable Micro USB (1.2m

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Hard as nails.

The number one problem with other cables and adapters is that they just don't last long enough. ADAM elements adapters surpass average ones by using precision-cut aluminum connector shells and thicker cables for better wear. Seriously tough.


The pinnacle of cable quality.

Premium tangle-free PeAk II adapters and cables will fit seamlessly with all of your USB Type-A needs. PeAk II Trio combines MFi certified Lightning, USB Type-C, and Micro USB - in one cable. Our tough aluminium casings and braided-cables will always outlast and out perform the competition.


Style that suits you.

For whatever style you need, choose from Gold, Red, Gray or other luxurious color schemes. Having four length options ensures plenty of reach so you can stretch out. The longer cables also come with a handy velcro strap.


PeAk ll Duo Truly dynamic.

The last adapter you'll ever need to buy is PeAk II Duo as it has both Lightning and Micro USB. It pairs and fits easily with the most rugged waterproof cases. The vibrant color collection of PeAk II was engineered with an extra-thick design and aluminium casing to fit and match your device.


PeAk ll Trio One for all.

With Lightning, USB Type-C, and Micro USB in one cable, PeAk II Trio is ergonomic and adaptable to the situation at hand. Let a friend borrow yours so they can charge their Android even if you have an iPhone. Everyone benefits from this versatile and durable adapter.


Everlasting life.

PeAk II is the fastest and most reliable companion for your DJI drone, GoPro, or any other gadget that deserves the best. All too often, the cables boxed with your gadget are good one day and gone the next or can only be used for charging. PeAk II cables don't go down that easy and they will always support fast transfers.


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