iKlips Duo Lightning Flash Drive 32GB

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An attachment like no other

If you became attached to iKlips the first time round, then you’ll love what we have in store with the new iKlips DUO. With a newly designed Lightning connector body that fits even more iPhone and iPad cases, a silicone body sleeve for total protection, a handy key ring, and a more powerful iOS app than ever before, you’ll get attached to it in a whole new way. Now you can easily and securely share your music, photos, videos, work projects, and all your other creations between all your devices – iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, Mac, and PC.

More fitting

s a design that’s been perfected to be more practical, with a redesigned body to fit even more iPhone and iPad cases. Use your iKlips DUO and keep your iPhone where it belongs, scratch-free and snug inside the case you love.

Protection All-round

A protective silicone sleeve stretches around both ends of iKlips DUO, giving its connectors the much-needed protection for day-to-day use. And because it wraps around iKlips DUO’s body, losing protective connector caps is now a thing of the past. There’s nothing to lose.

Apple MFi-certified

Fully certified and licensed by Apple as a product Made for iPhone, iPad & iPod. Designed specifically for Apple, iKlips DUO meets strict performance and manufacturing standards, and is backed by Adam Elements’ highest level of quality assurance. Always check for MFi. Don’t trust anything without it.

Flying colors

Available in four vivid colors and four storage capacities, iKlips DUO has a style and purpose for everyone. When your iPhone is crammed full of photos, music, and games, iKlips DUO gives you the external storage you need, with a style that complements your device and yourself.

Tech Specification

  • Item Weight : 9.07 g
  • Product Dimensions : 1 x 8.8 x 2 cm
  • Hard Drive Size :  32 GB
  • Hard Disk Technology Hybrid : (HDD/SSD)

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